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Did you know that professional investors are buying 50 times more Silver right now than any other precious metal?

Read on and we will show exactly how YOU TOO can back a portion of your life savings with this priceless metal.

Own a Silver IRA In Just Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Open a Self-Directed IRA.  A Self-Directed IRA is a type of Individual Retirement Account that gives you, the owner, total control over what assets you decide to invest in. The type of IRA accounts that can be self directed include Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, 401(K) and Individual(K). If you already have an IRA or a 401(k), you can simply rollover your entire account,or a portion of your account, to your new Self-Directed IRA.

Step 2: Purchase Your Physical Silver: Any reputable precious metals firm will carry a diverse variety of IRS approved Silver coins, bars and bullion from all over the world. These include Silver American Eagle Coins, Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins, Silver Austrian Philharmonic, 100 Oz. Silver Bars, and 10 Oz Silver Bars. A knowledgeable broker can analyze your portfolio and provide a professional recommendation on which product will be the best risk diversifier for your IRA.

Step 3: Ship Your Metals To A Precious Metals Depository.  The IRS prohibits the owners from physically storing precious metals. For safety and maintenance purposes, the precious metals will have to be stored in an approved depository. Make sure that you use an IRA company that not only utilizes a fully insured depository, but will facilitate the entire transaction, and only provide personally segregated accounts. Not all of them do.

We have a detailed article explaining the precious metals IRA rollover process, along with the rules and regulations every precious metal IRA holder needs to be aware of.

Silver Is the Darkhorse That Survives The Economic Crash

During any economic crash, most people blindly flock to gold. Silver is not their first choice because they are not knowledgeable about the rarity of this metal. It’s power is understated which is what makes it even more valuable.

Silver is known as the “poor man’s gold”. But in today’s informational society it is far more functional and consumable than gold, which is typically hoarded. From tablets to smart-phones to solar panels, there are some traces of silver used in almost every electronic device today.

During the currency collapse, you want to have the precious metal with a huge demand that will drive up the price the most. The metal that perfectly fits these requirements is silver.

Here is a relatively unknown fact: Silver is far more rarer than gold. There is almost 7 times more gold on ground than silver. This is because all the silver that is mined immediately gets used up. Silver is one of the most useful elements in the world. According to Mike Maloney, there is 8.3 times more gold available for people to buy than silver.

And just like Gold, Silver can act as a hedge against paper asset devaluation. A Silver IRA or Silver 401(k) can add stability and security to your wealth and protect it against inflation during economically trying times.

A silver backed IRA might be the most financially sound decision you will ever make. History has given us enough hard evidence to make us realize that, when it comes to the dollar… inflation and devaluation are inevitable. What you need to do is stop giving your savings to the Federal Reserve Casino, that is destined to fall apart in a few years.

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Silver IRA Investing: Win the Fight Against Wealth Corruption, Dollar Debasement and Inflation With a Silver IRA.

God’s Money or Paper Trash: What’s Protecting Your Nest Egg?

Robert Kiyosaki is an influential investor, an affluent business man and the NY Times Bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad—a book that sold 22 million copies worldwide.

He says, “Cash is Trash, Gold and Silver is God’s money, the Dollar and the Euro will go towards Zero.”

If you take a look at the history of currencies, you will soon realize that almost all of them go through a gradual process of devaluation which eventually results in their demise. A research study which looked at 775 fiat currencies, found that 599 of them them slowly reached their true intrinsic value – ZERO.

In the case of the US dollar, this process of slow death was already kick-started back in August 1971, when the dollar was removed from the Gold Standard by President Nixon. This, plus the excessive note printing by the Feds, gave rise to inflation which then started the dollar devaluation process worldwide.

The Biggest Economic Armageddon Is Almost Here: Will You Thrive towards Riches or Dive Towards Devaluation?

History has a way of repeating itself, with a greater force each time. But the most effective way to combat its comeback is through strategic pre-planning.

Mike Maloney is one of the most influential precious metals investors worldwide, and according to him, when it comes to the economy of any nation headed for doom, it does so in 7 easily identifiable stages.

The Seven Stages Of Currency Collapse

  • Stage I: The money used by the nation is either Gold or Silver or backed by Gold or Silver.
  • Stage II: The economic and social structure of the country proliferates.
  • Stage III: The nation becomes more complex and affluent both economically and politically which gives rise to the need of a massive military.
  • Stage IV: Funding the military causes expenditures to skyrocket.
  • Stage V: To pay for their expenses, the government steals the wealth of its citizens through debasing the currency by replacing the good money (Gold & Silver) with man made money that can be produced and overproduced at will.
  • Stage VI: This over-circulation lowers the purchasing power which causes people to lose faith in the currency and government.
  • Stage VII: A major shift ensues where the nation re-adopts precious metals. The fiat currency collapses, the inflation problem disappears and the value of the “good money” hikes.

We Are Six Stages Closer To Dollar Death.

Here is the most important point you need to be aware of: History might be repeatable, but it’s also predictable.

We are already in the latter stages of this viscous cycle of death. The US dollar is in the 6th stage where people are finally seeing through the facade put up by those in power….the facade that is making the government, banksters and the corrupt feds richer, while the actual hard working citizens spiral down the debt hole.

There is a Way to Get Out of This Mess… A Way That The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About!

Let’s backtrack to Stage 7 because there is something crucial we left out. While the whole shift towards re-embracing gold and silver takes place there is going to be a major power transfer that occurs.

The ones with billions in paper money are going to get overthrown by those with riches in gold and silver. They are going to be the new elites.

The great news is that anyone can join the league of these wealthy elites by simply planning ahead. What’s going to make these people so powerful is the fact that most of their current investments lies in precious metals. They are already prepared for the currency collapse that is now closer than you think.

Most of their savings is backed by Gold and Silver because they know that these are the only commodities that will hold the true value of their assets when the plague of inflation spreads.

Get Started With A Silver IRA Rollover Today

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Regal will thoroughly examine your portfolio to see what percentage of your savings should be backed by silver for maximum profits. If you already have an IRA, Regal Assets will help you rollover funds to your new self-directed IRA account, making the whole process move smooth and fast. They will even recommend which silver products to invest in for the maximum diversification and profits.

What makes Regal Assets so coveted, is that they believe in educating their clients. They will tell you the why, what and how. If you are a first time precious metal investor who would like to learn more about it, then Regal Assets Gold IRA Kit will help. It is a comprehensive guide that will tell you everything you need to know about precious metal investing. This guide has been read by thousands of new precious metals investors worldwide.

The way Government, Banksters and the Feds gets its power is by keeping innocent citizens like you in the dark. They are about to lose in their own game of corruption. But the sad part is, if you don’t do anything about it, you will go down with them. Veteran investors already know this, which is why they have already entered the world of silver. It is now time for you to join their forces.

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